We put our customers and employers and their unconditional satisfaction in the center of our commercial activities. To achieve this ideal, we understand all demands and needs of our business partners and we produce unique, value-added and cost-effective solutions which fully meet these demands and needs.


To achieve the best results in all areas, we put our minds and our hearts into work, and we strive to perform above expectations. We consider our results and our performance with international developments and trends in construction sector, not only within the company, and we always aim to achieve better and continuous improvement.


We respect individual differences that make us Esta Construction and accept them as the integral parts of our corporate culture and experience; and we are against to all kinds of ethnic, religious, gender-based discrimination and we treat all people in our team work fairly and equally. With awareness of team working toward the same goals, we do business according to the written job descriptions. We build up our team which we accept as our family, not only as colleagues, from hard-working, experienced and competent people committed to universal ethical values. As a continuously learning organization, we share our knowledge and experience, and develop our skills and competencies together.


We start up challenges in the fields in which we operate; we develop ourselves by working; we offer fast, high quality and cost effective solutions to our investors and customers. We are agile and flexible; we quickly adapt to changes and innovations; we aim to be the most preferred solution partner providing the best services in all fields in which we operate. We think globally, act locally.


We manage our operations through enterprise and innovation. We encourage initiative in decision makig and adopt diverse and creative solutions. We search for, support and implement new ideas with our entrepreneurial spirit in the face of changes.


We believe that being successful and powerful in the future as much as we are today can only be possible with establishing a sustainable organization for the benefit of everyone. That’s why, we accept achieving sustainable a growth as our main motivation by building stable and long-term relationships, sensitive to environment and society based on the principle of winning together with our employers, customers, suppliers and employees.


We build relationships based on mutual trust, openess and honesty with all our employers, this is because we believe that success which is not based on trust, openness and honesty can not ve steady and permanent.


We strive to create added value for all our employers, customers, investors, suppliers, employees we work together as well as the local communities in the geographies where we operate. We earn share together.


We take all necessary measures to ensure health, safety and security of all our employers, investors, suppliers and employees in all geographies and sectors we operate and do fair trade in accordance with environmental protection standarts, local laws ans regulations.