Esta Construction is a contracting company operating as a general contractor and project designer in international construction market. Specialized in the turn-key construction of stadiums, airports, shopping malls, hyper and supermarkets, logistics and distribution hubs, industrial plants and infrastructure, trade centers and office buildings, hotels and wellness centers, sports and education centers, housing and residence projects and stations and terminal buildings as well as multifunctional structures, Esta Construction also offers many other services including project management, consultancy and land and real property developmentservices to the customers and investors.

Holding investor, general contractor, general designers, operators licenses and international ISO 9001-2001 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety Construction Certificate valid in Russian Federation, Esta Construction serves partially and/or wholly at all stages of the construction process including idea screening, market research, product development, investment feasibility studies; preparation of all stages of implementation projects and concepts, obtainment of essential permissions and approvals, performance of all construction activities of external lines, electrical, mechanical, fire protection, low voltage, automation, landscaping and the like as well as technical control, project control, testing and commissioning, delivery of construction, permanent building and guarantee responsibility.

The company employs a great number of dynamic, highly qualified young experts and staff who are experienced for more than 17 years in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, other Commonwealth of Independent States and international construction industry, and uses the latest construction technologies, its own machinery-equipment and software specially developed for it and enabling to analyze parameters of time, cost, quality, productivity, in performing the contracts undertaken.

Having put an area of nearly 5 million square meters into operation and still continues the construction of an area of 1.200.000 square meters since the day of foundation, Esta offers the most competitive prices with high value-added and high quality solutions to all employers and investors by turning the experience, speed and flexibility it has today into a competitive advantage.

Esta Construction supervises and coordinates the activities conducted by it in different areas through technical and financial top managers working in offices located in Moscow, Krasnodar, Budapest, London and Ashkhabad. In addition, the project sites are equipped with offices, dining halls, lodgings and accommodation facilities as well as auxiliary units, warehouses, construction machinery, tools and equipment.