ESTA Construction

ESTA Construction, today, has climbed 9 ranks in Engineering News Record (ENR) Ranking compared to the previous year and has become World's 159th largest construction corporation. When only the superstructure is taken as a basis, it is ranked among the top leading construction corporations of the world. ESTA, with its headquarters in Istanbul, provides employment to approximately 10.000 people with its three offices in Russia, and one office in each of the countries such as Kazakstan, Turkmenistan and Bahrain. ESTA Construction, since it was established, has conceptualised and delivered projects worth around 3 billion USD with its international stakeholders and business associates with an outstanding success exceeding the expectations. 

ESTA Construction, made a distinguished name for itself through tens of unique projects such as Krasnodar Arena which is the World’s most luxurious stadium with cutting-edge technology, Gorkiy Gorod Shopping Centre which draws attention by hosting a giant aqua park and beach with an area of 6,000 m² under its Europe’s and Russia's 1st and World’s 3rd biggest monolithic glass roof on its upper storey, which was constructed within the scope of Sochi Winter Olympics, ‘Krasnodar Central Park’, which is the World’s most technologic and ecologic Central Park Project, has been closely collaborating with the World’s most substantial architectural offices and thus, acquired an international reputation through innovative and ahead of time solutions in terms of engineering.