Tambov Hotel, Shopping and Business Centre

The facility having the characteristic of being first hotel and multifunctional building made by Esta Construction covers a 3+ Stars class hotel with 110 bed capacity, a 10-floor administrative unit and office space as well as 5-storey shopping mall, exhibition halls, it has the characteristic of being first multifunctional complex in Tambov region and although it has been 5 years since its construction, it still keeps its popularity with its architecture different from other projects in the region.

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LOCATION Tambov-Russian Federation
Construction Zone 19.937 m²
Contract Type Construction / Turnkey
Turnkey Date 09.2013
Project Start Date 10.2012
STATUS (monthly) 100%

Technical Project Summary: The hotel in the complex built for Grand Company as a 14-storey building having a hypermarket on the basement, shopping mall inbetween ground floor to 4th floor, business centre within 5th to 12th floor. Hotel section was built as 3+ stars class and 7-storey. In addition, two-storey exhibition hall are also available in the complex