Magnit Regional Logistics Distribution Centre, Shakhty

First stage of Shakti project, which has 65.000 m² covered area and is the largest distribution centre in the Rostov Region, was completed and put into operation within a short time period such as 6 months. The whole project delivered in 11 months; it has attracted attention by public opinion with its size and completion time; it has visited by many officials with the regional governor in the first place. The project becomes prominent due to its being the logistics base of the Magnit Supermarkets Chain which was completed and put into operation fastest.

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LOCATION Shakhty-Russian Federation
Construction Zone 58.877 m²
Contract Type Project Design and Construction / Turnkey
Turnkey Date 02.2014
Project Start Date 01.2013
STATUS (monthly) 100%

Technical Project Summary: The logistic centre building constructed for Tander Firm has cold and dry storage areas, administrative buildings and outbuildings in it.