Magnit Regional Logistics Distribution Centre, Omsk

It is first logistics and distribution centre of Magnit Hypermarket Chain in Siberia Region.

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Construction Zone 17.800 m²
Contract Type Projelendirme ve İnşaat/Anahtar Teslim
Turnkey Date 12.2012
Project Start Date 08.2011
STATUS (monthly) 100%

Technical Project Summary: It is a project for disassembly and renovation of the existing tyre yard except for load bearing systems as well as the construction of the administrative building, truck service building, cardboard press building, cooling building, transformer station, material depot and other auxiliary buildings and the outdoor electrical, sewage, landscaping, hot and cold water systems. In addition, within the scope of the project, special installations were made such as an in-yard water heating system that exceeds 20 km in length since the ground water level is high and its content is insufficient due to the geological characteristics of the region .