Krasnodar FK Stadyum

FC Krasnodar Stadium” is an Elite Category Luxury Stadium with a capacity of 34.151 seats, 210.000 m2 land area with its entire buildings and surrounded with esthetic landscaping which has been built in Krasnodar City in Russian Federation in accordance with the UEFA/FIFA requirements/standards and Russian SNIP and Norms by the company of “Esta Construction” as a General Contractor.



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LOCATION Krasnodar-Rusya
Construction Zone 120.000 m²
Contract Type Project Design and Construction
Project Start Date 04.2013
STATUS (monthly) 100%

Total R/C concrete amount of 145.000 m3 has been realized within a 14 months period and all Tribunes Precast elements have been designed, produced and installed by General Contractor own force. The Stadium has an unique design with its modern interior architecture of the luxury VIP areas (20.000 m2) and high IT technology systems (45 systems) with a monumental ancient style of Facade Travertine Cladding (35.000 m2) like as Rome Coliseum, the first build Roof Cable System with PTFE membrane Cladding in Russian Federation and 3.500 tons Roof Bearing steel structure and its Giant Media Facade (4.700 m2) located inside of the stadium which surrounds all around the perimeter between the Upper Stands and the Roof. Concept Design and Working Design has been performed in collaboration with different Project Teams qualified in different specializations also with the participation of the General Contractor in-house Design Group under the full management of the General Contractor. The Project commenced on April 2013 and has been commissioned and handed over on the date of 09 October 2016 with the spent of 15 million direct manhours during the whole of the Project realization period. As General Contractor of such a brilliant high qualified stadium construction which has been built within the satisfactory period and quality that has met all the requirements of the Client, Russian Federation and got the UEFA accreditation.