Adler Park Hotel

Adler Park Hotel, which is our firm’s second hotel project within the scope of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games, was designed and constructed in a different concept consisting of 23 4+ Stars villas covered with eucalyptus trees in the manner not to harm natural environment.

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LOCATION Sochi-Russian Federation
Construction Zone 23.972 m²
Contract Type Project Design and Construction / Turnkey
Turnkey Date Bitiş Tarihi 09.2013
Project Start Date 10.2012
STATUS (monthly) 100%

Having been built without cutting even 1 tree in the campus area in which every detail is planned and implemented carefully for the comfort and convenience of the customers, this environment-friendly facility uses wood-like facades and natural stones in harmony with natural environment. In order to provide a better accommodation experience for the visitors, in Adler Park Hotel Project which is located by the sea, also a self-contained pool was added in each villa. Technical Project Summary: It is the construction and landscaping project of an environment-friendly hotel of 23 villas of 4+ stars, undertaken for Galereya Maykop firm.